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Chronicles of Netheril - Endgame Part 2 - Core Chamber

Chronicles of Netheril, April 6th, 2013 — Endgame – Part 2

Addendum: Here is a picture of the game board for the “Endgame – Part 1″. It wasn’t available for the previous entry but it definitely needed to be posted, because it was quite impressive. Alaabar – Stone Hall The Serpents of Nahal were spread out over the entire room, but in the flash of an …

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Chronicles of Netheril, March 30th, 2013 — Endgame part 1

Alaabar – Outer Core We flew our airship all the way to Alaabar and as we approached the surface, Zippergwick set off the ship’s breath weapon. It burnt a hole all the way to the core. The engineer had accompanied us because he didn’t want the airship to be lost on this one-way mission. Once …

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